What We’re Doing

Company Profile

KDE Disability Africa Foundation


Founded: 2015

Board Members:  Kimma Wreh (President of Board), Boniface Ihiasota (VP of Board), Deborah Grayson Carpenter (Secretary of Board)


  • Conduct an assessment of needs of disabled people in vulnerable African countries
  • Provide medication to extend the lives of disable people in vulnerable African countries
  • Provide assistive and mobility devices and tools for disabled people in vulnerable African countries. This includes Wheelchairs, Crutches, Canes, motorized equipment / devices for handicap people, etc.
  • Provide vocational training and skills to help people with disability make a living or obtain employment
  • Establish a fashion program within existing schools to vulnerable countries in Africa that focuses on training both disabled and abled people
  • Organize a self-confidence class for disabled models
  • Open a center for Disabled people in Houston Texas and Africa

Recent Projects

Millions of people suffer and die every year because they don’t have the most basic necessity freely available to them. Help us change that.


KDE Disability Africa Foundation is a Texas non profit organization founded to improve the lives of disabled people in Africa and the US by providing assistive and mobility devices, basic needs, vocational skills and fashion training, and disability inclusion via fashion. In addition, our aim is to provide medical assistance subject to securing medical professional volunteers.